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What is Strength Training ?

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

Article by Christian Montoya. Strength & Conditioning Coach.

Human Strength can be define as the energy produce by our body to action any type of force achievable through our muscles.

There are 3 Energy Systems in our body which use to produce : endurance, strength , power, cardio and other fitness components.

Lets focus in Strength Training and start by the The 3 Energy Systems first.

Might sounds a little bit confusing, so lets make this definition more clear and give examples. .

If I want to Sprint only 100 meters to my max power, I will need all my strength + speed in this short distance, also I will need all my muscles engaged in this mechanic producing the right chemicals and energy to run as fast as I can in100 meters.

This means : The anaerobic system production in action. This system use the fast twitch fibers.

Its estimated that during sprint events approximately 95% of energy production comes via the anaerobic system (85% creatine phosphate, 10% anaerobic glycolysis), and only 5% from aerobic oxygen. Thus, the 100m sprint is an anaerobic event relying heavily on energy supply from the ATP-PC system.

In the other hand Yoga for example, usually use slow twitch fibers . All Yoga positions need strength but the muscle fibers engaged in Yoga to produce that type of strength and the chemistry use are not the same that we use if we sprint 100 meters where we will need full power and strength to perform in a short amount of time a result.

Yoga in general uses endurance and some exercises use strength endurance but is not the level we need to develop all the amazing benefits of Strength Training that is achieve only with volume and progression. This is science so same is applied for developing power. We need : speed + strength = power.

Same thing happen with pilates, barre, dancing, running long distance, bodyweight cardio, swimming, cycling and others types of aerobic type of training.

The chemistry use in this cases is oxygen - glycogen - glucose and is called the Aerobic Energy System that developed endurance.

There are 3 Energy Systems:

  • Anaerobic Alactic (ATP-CP) Energy System (High Intensity – Short Duration/Bursts) ...

  • Anaerobic Lactic (Glycolytic) Energy System (High to Medium Intensity – Uptempo) ...

  • Aerobic Energy System (Low Intensity – Long Duration – Endurance)

Women's and Men's practicing Strength Training Programs can perform many pull ups, heavy deadlift, heavy squatting , strong sprinting etc.

All this compound moves have plenty of benefits physically and mentally when is practice safely.

Strength Training is for all levels and ages and also considered urgent practice for a healthy life.

Strength Training is developed by a formula , remember that is all about chemistry, what fibers are engaged in the mechanic and what energy system is use.

Is Important to know what type of fitness program you are doing in order to achieve the right goals.

5 Benefits of Strength Training

  • Benefit #1: Maintaining Muscle Tissue.

  • Benefit #2: Increased Strength.

  • Benefit #3: Improved Bone Health.

  • Benefit #4: Controlled Body Fat.

  • Benefit #5: Decreased Risk of Injury.

In conclusion Strength Training is a must in your weekly fitness program .

Strength Training can have a huge positive outcome in your life, physically and mentally.

Strength Training when it becomes an habit it becomes part of your life improving your happiness and strength.

Strength & Conditioning Coach

Christian Montoya

Instagram : heartout_fitness

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