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I've been training with Christian 6 years now. He has focused on helping me achieve my goals and making every session challenging and fun. My strength and general fitness has improved remarkably. 

Christian is extremely reliable and punctual, always set up and ready to start training ahead of time, with an exercise routine planned. Definitely go for Heartout Fitness!


The relationship with Coach Christian - personal trainer and client is a close one, forged over time through sweat and hard work, and through these sessions multiple times per week we have become friends. I most admire Christian for his dedication in trying to improve the lives of those he trains - holistically and with real compassion and care for the individual.

Go for Christian!


" I've been training with Christian for 5 years "Heartout Fitness", I had seen a massive improvement in my fitness level in my strength in my posture in my general wellbeing.

I did train before I l lost weight but I had never really been as strong as I am now. We do a variety of things , strength training, boxing, conditioning, cardio 

Heartout Fitness go for Christian !"


I've been training with Christian, "Heartout Fitness" for the last 5 years , he is exceptional when it comes to strength training. 

I had recovered from injuries with Christian, he is very encouraging and supportive Coach.

Go for Heartout Fitness !


I've been training with Christian for the last 7 years, I really enjoy his sessions.

Training with him have a huge positve impact in my mental and physicall health.

I lean muscle and gain strength.  I learned how to use the kettlebell and realize how effective it is when applying the right technique. I love working out with kettlebells now because it can work your whole body just with a few moves.

Go for Christian ! Heartout Fitness


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